4 Things About Wholesale Helium Gas That Will Blow Your Mind

4 Things About Wholesale Helium Gas That Will Blow Your Mind

Helium is an element on the periodic table that exists in gas form. It has no taste or color. Of course, when you ask anyone about Helium, they immediately talk about how inhaling it makes you sound like one of the chipmunks; it is known for making your voice funny once you inhale it. Yet, behind the fun it brings, it is an element whose demand in different sectors currently outweighs its supply from helium gas suppliers. That explains why wholesale helium gas suppliers from Alibaba are now doing all they can to supply quality helium to interested clients.

Things you probably didn't know about wholesale Helium gas

Helium is a word you get to hear in Chemistry classes or whenever someone wants to fill up balloons with it. However, there's more to this gas than what meets the eye, and once you know more about it, you'll be thankful for its existence. Whether in fiber optics, welding, or mechanical fields, it helps to know a few basics about Helium as you use it daily. Here are four things you didn't know about wholesale Helium Gas.

It is inert

One feature that some might not know about wholesale helium gas is its inertness. Contrary to other elements such as highly reactive potassium, Helium will not corrode, react or explode when in contact with other elements. This feature makes it suitable for creating nonreactive environments for specific research projects. If you make the mistake of using flammable gas in some projects like welding, you can end up risking you and your client's inventories.

It's lighter than air and non-toxic

Another feature Helium has is that it is lighter than air. It is over ten times lighter, giving it incredible lift capabilities. Additionally, its static nature also contributes to its extremely low toxicity. The gas has little to no health, security, or safety challenges for humans and animals. This is good for wide applications in home and commercial gadgets.

It is nonrenewable

Contrary to other renewable gasses, wholesale Helium gas is nonrenewable and has very little supply. Of course, one might argue that it is found abundantly in the universe; however, this gas constitutes less than 0.001% on Earth. Couple that with the fact that it is the only known element that can escape the Earth's atmosphere, and you have a finite resource.

It has different uses

Due to its inert, non-toxic nature, Helium gas has several uses. It inflates car airbags and detects leaks in air conditioning systems. It's also used in the treatment of medical conditions such as asthma. When mixed with neon, Wholesale Helium gas is used in barcode scanners. Of course, the most common use for Helium gas is filling up balloons, both decorative and blimps.


Helium might not be well-known like other elements, but its usefulness will make manufacturing companies go an extra mile to buy wholesale Helium Gas in bulk for their activities. Do you require Helium gas in bulk? It is now available for purchase at Alibaba.