Pressure Washing Concrete: What to Know

Pressure Washing Concrete: What to Know

A pressure washer is a good concrete cleaner, amongst other things. However, not any pressure washer can wash concrete. In this guide, we will explain all you need to know before, during, and after pressure washing concrete.

Examine the area of the concrete

Concrete can be installed within your home for different reasons. Regardless of the reasons, most people choose concrete because of its qualities. It is strong, durable, and can carry all kinds of loads. That means, in the future, if you ever decide to buy a truck, the concrete floor, if well-designed, can carry the car conveniently. There is hardly any harm that can come to pressure washing concrete. That is first because the concrete has enough strength to withstand the pressure from the power washer. Also, water makes concrete strong, unlike other materials. However, the surrounding of the concrete is usually not as strong as the concrete. That is what you need to examine and protect.

Find the suitable pressure washer

As stated earlier, concrete has a very durable and strong property, ensuring that it lasts over time. That will also mean that to wash concrete; you need a bit of high pressure for effectiveness. That is why you need to learn about the different pressure washers when you need to wash concrete. Other types of pressure washers exist, and many more are in the works to satisfy the needs of pressure washer users. The popularity of pressure washers has led to stiff competition amongst manufacturers, hence different designs. Some of the pressure washers may have extremely low pressures, which will only wet your concrete, as opposed to washing it. You need a high-pressure washer to clean concrete well.

Clear the obstructions around the concrete

A pressure washer with high force is necessary to clean concrete, but it can be dangerous to use.  The pressure coming from the device is enough to make you lose your balance, and you may fall off. Luckily, concrete is usually on the floor and seldom at a height; therefore, you may not precisely sustain major injuries. The pressure must be high enough to clean the concrete, which means it is high enough to break other materials that are not as strong as concrete. Hence, it is either you remove all fragile items around your concrete, or you reduce the pressure to the minimum when you are cleaning close to the materials. An excellent example of delicate items that you can not move is the grasses close to the concrete.

Get the proper nozzle for the job

The pressure washer works with nozzles, which act as the final passage of the water to the surface you want to clean. These nozzles usually have different colours, and the shape is similar to the ones used in gas stations. The colours of the nozzle are not for fashion or fun; these nozzles are indicators of the intensity of the pressure washing process.


After following the process in this guide, you can now set the pressure washer, wear all safety equipment, start slowly, then spread across.