What you can do with your Heavy Duty Pressure Washer

What you can do with your Heavy Duty Pressure Washer

Are you on a cleaning spree? If yes, this article is for you. We all want clean items. But, cleaning driveways, vehicles and flats areas is not easy. It is hard to remove grime and dirt.

With the appropriate tool, you will effectively complete your cleaning task. All you need is a heavy duty pressure washer that fulfils all your cleaning needs. As the name implies, the purpose of heavy duty pressure washers is to clean heavy items such as vehicles, courtyards and many more. It has 2x more cleaning capacity than light duty and medium duty pressure washers. It can do the work of the other two types of pressure washers. Invest in a heavy duty pressure washer, and never have to buy any other pressure washer. Enjoy cleaning while saving a few bucks.

Well, many brands offer heavy duty pressure washers. The best one is the Heavy Duty pressure washer by Giraffe Tools. It is a simple yet highly durable cleaning tool. If you're thinking about its price, this product comes at a minimal cost. The good news is it is a wall-mounted machine. Thus, you can place other gardening tools on the ground. Also, it offers a pressure of 2200 PSI to remove the toughest stain in a first attempt. The ergonomic gun comes with a large trigger that quickens your cleaning job without causing hand fatigue. Its list of features doesn't end here. The 100-feet hose covers a large area, making it the perfect choice for all residences. Apart from its spectacular features, products come with a 2-year warranty. Lastly, it is an excellent choice for refreshing the deck, washing your vehicle, and cleaning driveways. Giraffe Tools ensures that you get outstanding results and never regret spending your hard-earned cash.

The real question arises, what you can do with your heavy duty pressure washer? Along with choosing the product, you must be well aware of its uses. Otherwise, you will end up damaging your items.

Below are some of the most common uses of a heavy duty pressure washer.

Home Exteriors

Everyone loves a clean home. After all, it looks nice and neat. The most common use of a heavy duty pressure washer is to clean the siding of a house. It only takes one hour to clean the exterior. Whereas; a light-duty pressure washer takes approximately 3 hours to clean.

Heavy Equipment

Washing vehicles is the most common use. Many people acknowledged that a pressure washer with an attachment brush helped them clean their car without using a sponge.

Entrance Stairs

When selling a house, front entrance stairs are as important as the interior. A heavy duty pressure washer cleans entrance stairs efficiently in a short time. Consequently, a light-duty pressure washer or medium-duty takes longer to clean the area.

Tile Patios

The most frequent use of pressure washers is to clean patios regularly to maintain their look. Patios are the entertainment area of a house. It is a place for enjoying beautiful weather and organizing BBQ parties.


A heavy duty machine pressure is an ideal machine for cleaning.  It will save you thousands of dollars. Let it clean your patios, entrance stairs and vehicle in less time.